Eudlo-Maroochydore Energex Powerline Project

This $15m project for energy provider Energex involved construction of civil works for a major new 132kVa power line between Eudlo and Maroochydore West Electrical Substations, on the Sunshine Coast.

Works included access tracks, waterway crossings, structure laydown pads, bored piles, pile caps, heavy rag bolt assemblies and structure earthing.


Key scope of works:

  • 5km of Access Tracks (combination of geotextile, rock and road base)
  • 55,000m2 of Laydown Pads (combination of geotextile, rock and road base)
  • Multiple RCP culverts ranging from 225 to 900 diameter
  • 75 bored piles 1.6m to 1.8m in diameter and up to 18m deep
  • 75 large pile caps
  • 3,500m3 of concrete (piles 2,000m3, pile caps 1,000m3, blinding 500m3)
  • 1,200m of steel pile liners
  • 530 tonne of steel reinforcing

Notable aspects of the project:

  • Extensive construction planning and notification required to adhere to local government, state government and land holder agreements
  • Careful selection of drilling plant was made, so that it was capable of constructing the large diameter piles as well as being mobile enough to suit on site conditions
  • High degree of environmental management including weed hygiene, works in a flood plain, spoil disposal and working in close proximity to sensitive fauna (platypus and acid frog habitat)
  • A number of value engineering options were identified by SGQ, including the following adopted measures:
    • Reduced pavement thickness design through incorporation of engineered geotextile layers
    • Segmented pile liner installation to reduce crane loads and depths of laydowns pads
    • Special order 18m reinforcing bar for pile cage manufacture, minimising the need for cage splicing
  • Positive and open communication maintained at all time with local residents
  • Working closely with the traditional land owners to ensure high risk cultural heritage sites were monitored during ground disturbance works
  • Effective, collaborative working with the client