Nikenbah Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hervey Bay

The 4.8 mega-litres per day Nikenbah Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was delivered under a $12m contract for Wide Bay Water Corporation. The WWTP is able to treat wastewater from the equivalent of 10,000 houses, using an innovative membrane bio-reactor process and providing high quality recycled water for the irrigation of local farms and plantations. These works were undertaken by the SGQ predecessor company, Bellero Constructions, with Bob Goodwin and Mark Goodwin as company Directors.

Key scope of works:

  • 60,000 m3 of imported fill to bring the site up to required levels
  • 22m diameter balance tank
  • 6m high multi-walled bioreactor and membrane tanks
  • Sludge digester
  • Chlorine contact tank
  • Suspended floor inlet works
  • Two story control building
  • Blower and chemical buildings, and a sludge dewatering building

Notable aspects of the project:

  • Major complex concrete and pipework
  • Detailed process infrastructure installed and connected, with associated M&E works
  • Significant building works
  • The project presented many challenges. Expertise from Bellero Construction’s civil and building sections enabled a complete package to be delivered to the client, with time and cost savings for the project that was tightly governed by time constraints
  • Effective detailed coordination with mechanical and electrical subcontractors, together with Wide Bay Water’s specialist engineers and design consultants, ensured a successful project completion for all parties